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Do You Listen To Your Intuition?

What is Intuition? According to Louise Hay, intuition is your inner voice (or “Inner Ding,” as she called it), which speaks to you through feelings, sensations, and gut instincts. By paying attent...

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Are You Sleeping?

Some benefits of a good nights sleep: 1. Essential for overall physical health 2. Strengthens the immune system 3. Helps regulate hormones  4. Lower levels of stress and anxiety. 5. Allows the bod...

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Are You In Balance?

What is Balance? The definition of Balance ~ mental or emotional stability. Some quotes to support being in balance: The single most important tool to being in balance is knowing that you and yo...

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Did You Know That Your Heart Has A Brain?

YES, your Heart has a brain ~ it's called Heart Coherence. Heart Coherence occurs when there is communication between the rhythms of your heart and the rhythms of your brain. Your heart has intel...

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What Is Holistic Health?

Holistic Health benefits everyone seeking a balanced and fulfilling life. Mind, Body and Spirit interconnectedness nurtures lasting vitality. Incorporating nutrition, mindfulness, and alternative...

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What Is The Key To Emotional Well-Being?

Emotional well-being is a transformational journey to harmony and inner balance. Our emotions have distinct frequencies and when they are in alignment, these energies enhance emotional well-being....

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Is Your Mind Wellness-Ready?

Is Your Mind Wellness-Ready? Embrace a holistic mindset, where mental well-being is a continuous journey. Nurturing your mind through meditation, yoga, spiritual readings and mindful methodologi...

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Are You SAD?

Do you experience SAD ~ Seasonal Affective Disorder? Seasonal affective disorder is a combination of biologic and mood disturbances of regularly occurring depressions typically occurring in the au...

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Are You Sleeping Well?

Do you breathe consciously? Maree Piplovick is a Conscious Breathing Facilitator and Wellness Coach who guides clients to tap into the natural intrinsic power of their breath to transform and cult...

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Searching For A Healthier And Happier Life?

Would you like relief from past negative experiences?  Mindy Kollman is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who works in collaboration with her clients to achieve relief from past negative experience...

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