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About Us



The Healing Institute Inc. is an innovative online platform bringing together holistic health and wellness practitioners and clients seeking holistic ways to be well and stay well.

Our goal is to provide a unique, supportive and compassionate global wellness community for practitioners and clients.



We provide a whole person treatment of holistic health in creating a wellness society that provides hope, healing, and support on their health journey.

We are committed to improving health on the planet by providing holistic health and wellness modalities, hope, healing, and support for clients on their health journey. Our motto is Service with Love.



Virtual healthcare has been adopted and is opening the door for a new level of convenience and ease in client health interactions. Telehealth has surged to 83% of people now saying they are open to seeking virtual care. The Healing Institute Inc. is the platform addressing this trend.

Hero Digital Research March 2021

My Why

“I Created This Wellness Hub For People Seeking Holistic Practitioners On Their Health Journey.”

- Permelia Parham